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don’t think pakistan, gaza, or ferguson are isolated incidents. this has been going on for years in each area. this is just the first time we have the media to spread this information past the people it’s effecting/the first time people are collectively giving a shit

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In Pakistan:

People are being beaten, shot with bullets and tear gassed. 

Giving blood to those bleeding in the protest is not allowed

Proper treatment to the injured isn’t being given.

At least three people are dead and over 300 have been injured in clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

For Further information:

Live Streams from the Protests in Islamabad (Urdu):

News Outlets:

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On Twitter:

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protests in the main cities of pakistan have started. its not just islamabad anymore. people from all around my country are rising to do something and since I’m not able to be there, its my job to not let their lives and efforts go unnoticed. spread the word. pray for these people. donate.

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I don’t think you understand.

  •  They’re denying treatment to the injured.
  •  They’re not allowing people to donate blood.
  •  They’re arresting the injured.
  •  They’re constantly shelling and firing civilians.
  •  Reporters are getting beaten up for doing their job.


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This is still going on. Police DSPs and SSPs are resigning because of the atrocities that are being asked to commit. Please keep spreading the world!!!!!

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What is happening in pakistan? I have not seen the news?


To sum it all up, this all started when the two political parties ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’ (PTI) headed by Imran Khan and ‘Pakistan Awani Tahreek’ (PAT) headed by Tahir-ul-Qadir called for a protest (known as the Azaadi and Inqilab march) to demand a resignation of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party due to the allegations of rigging in the May 2013 election and the Model Town Lahore incident which resulted in serveral protestors being killed by the police gunfire. The protest started from Lahore and thousands of people travelled all the way to Islamabad on the 14th August (Independence Day of the country). Both the parties kept a peaceful protest and urged that there would be no voilence by the Police. [Soruce: Wiki and from what was shown on ARY News] According to the interview with channel, Muhammad Afzal Khan, former additional secretary of the Election Commission alleged that the 2013 general elections were rigged and the “peoples’ mandate was stolen”. He said that the prime minister Sharif “did not win the elections in a free and fair manner” and chief election commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim “had shut his eyes on issues of rigging”. He also said that “judges were involved in fixing the vote” and they deliberately delayed the hearing of voter fraud cases. Amongst the judges who facilitated rigging, he specifically named former chief justices’ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Tassaduq Hussain Jillani. Nawaz Sharif refused to step down in any way. Yesterday, both the parties initiated the protest to move forward to the Parliament building (in a peaceful manner) which has been under the protection of security forces. However, as soon as civilians reached the spot, the forces started a tear gas and fired rubber bullets at the protestors which has resulted in 300+ injured and around 9-11 dead (there are no accurate figures yet from PIMs, the hospital where injured are being taken. People believe forces are not letting them give an accurate number). The forces are continuing the tear gas and fires from time to time.

Timeline of the Protest from when it started till now. 

This might also provide more info about the current situation.

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It saddens me that when it came to Ferguson, everyone and I mean EVERYONE from different nationalities and walks of life was aware of the situation, spreading awareness and defending the protestors but barely anyone knows about Pakistan.

The Pakistani protestors right now are risking their life…

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the question we all wanted to know the answer tofinally

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